Monday, March 1, 2010


Finally! Reasonable Temps! Spring has Sprung!

Above...Waiting for Greg at the gas station...Playing with the aperture on my camera.

We were greeted at the Lunch Loops parking lot by the above sign. AWESOME! I've been wanting to say that to some "sissy pants riders" for years!

According to Greg's camera, which never lies, I spent the whole ride in the air! Honestly it was such an amazing day, it felt like I was flying.

Tree shot by Mary, she was out hiking while Greg and I went flying!

Four and a half hours, and 15 degrees above the forcast temp! YEA!

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  1. This Sissy Pants rider would love to have ridden, crashed and walked when needed the trail with you. Glad you got some warm weather. I'm ready for it on the Front Range!