Monday, March 15, 2010

Goodbye Orange Plush....

I rarely get sentimental about bikes. They are tools, I use them until I think I need a new one, then I sell. But this time was different. A young moto kid fell in love with my Remedy. He couldn't come up with the money, so he tried to get a bank loan, he then tried his mom. Still, he was short the cash. Finally, someone came through for him. As he rolled up to meet me I saw four of his buddies handing him cash. He had obviously called in some favors. He wanted my bike bad.

I rode the longest hardest ride of my life on that bike. It allowed me to get to know some really awesome people in the industry, and took me to places that most people rarely see. As I handed it to John the moto kid, I felt a tinge of pain. I was going to miss that bike. But...I get the feeling Orange Plush isn't done yet, it's probably excited to get John out on some new trails, experiencing a whole new, less frantic noisy world. Luckily I have about a thousand pictures of that bike, so any time I feel sentimental, all I have to do is pull up some old shots and reminisce about the "good ole days." Happy Trails--Viva La Remedy!

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