Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Start? or False Start?

Mary has only been on about four rides since Oct 2008. Of those rides they were all false starts. In November her hands were beginning to improve on medication, but due some complications we had to take her off the meds for a few weeks, thus taking all healing back to square one.

She is again 3 months back on the meds and her hands are showing signs of improving, but its agonizingly slow, especially since I finally got here sweet new bike built.

She's been the most patient wonderful person through all of this, despite having her favorite activity taken from her. My Mary is always "glass half full."

So hopefully this is the start of a great year. If you think Mary is "glass half full" now, just wait until she rides Porcupine Rim for the first time! She'll be overflowing!

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  1. Sending love n good vibes your way Landon n Mary.