Sunday, March 7, 2010

Current Trail Conditions via BLM

Update as of 3/12--Rode last night, Horsetheif is good to go, as well as Rustlers. Wranglers was soft, but not sticky. According to Brad, Lunch loops is getting good farther up. He rode down from Gunnector to PreNup, Lemmon, Ravens Ridge, Kurts Lane. I haven't heard how Petekes is?

Mack Ridge, aka Kokopelli Loops, trail conditions and advisory:

The trails on Mack Ridge are a mixed bag as of March 7, 2010.

Please Ride:
· Mary’s out and back, from the east, to Steve’s Cut-off/Pizza Point.
· Wrangler.
· Rustler’s Loop.
· Horsethief Bench out and back, clockwise, to about midway.
· Lion’s, out and back on the single track to the Mack Ridge two-track.

Please do NOT ride:
· Moore Fun.
· Mack Ridge.
· Troy Built.

18 Road is snow covered. Tabeguache is snow covered above Lemon Squeezer and mixed - mostly out and back - below.

All of Tabeguache is running like a river.


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