Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter is the new Summer...

I blatantly stole the title line of this post from Greg, but I must say it was appropriate this Friday. We were shedding layers every few miles until we were down to long sleeves only.

I was determined to ride every line that I would in the summer, despite the snow. A little extra ooomph on the take-off, and then lean WAY back for the landing, seems to work best.

This has been the best January I've ever had. Since coming back from Tucson the temp has rarely climbed above freezing, but the sun has been out almost every day. This allows the trails to stay frozen and rideable, instead of mucky and gooey.

Greg is riding his new bike quite well. Over the years he has developed a very "balls in" style of riding, but his new Fisher, Rumblefish is allowing him the freedom of a pair of boxxers!

No excuses, keep riding ya'll!

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