Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010...BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to --I decided to make a change for 2010 for a few reasons.
First, Gus was upset that HIS website had become so ride focused, it had become less about him and too much about bike riding.

Second, I have been selected to be part of the Trek Racing CoOp. This year the CoOp, which has thus far been mainly race focused, will be branching out to include different genre's of riding. I will be promoting long travel trail bikes, which by and large have virtually no racing presence, yet are at the center of the type of bike riding most people do. My responsibility is to promote my genre in this region of the country. In the coming months this blog will be linked to Trek's global website, so I needed a new name that is a little more recognizable and easier to spell.
Soooo, here's to 2010 and the great riding that is yet to come. And....a few rides that have already happened. See Below!!!

My first ride in Tucson is always Fantasy Island. It's fast and fun and a good way to get used to being on the saddle again. Gus prefers his white shirt for rides in the intense southern sun. I wet it down with water, Gus's own custom swamp cooler. The day after Christmas I headed out for a ride in the Rincon Mountains. I linked the Arizona Trail to my favorite, La Milagrosa.

Our normal Tucson group was a bit smaller this year as we posed near the top of Bug Springs. In attendance were my-self, Nancy and Tom Morelock, and Travis Vanden Brooke. Mary and Travis's dad, Bob, were running the shuttle.

Bugs was in primo condition, just a little snow to make it nice and technical.

And the perfect sunset to end a near perfect ride.


Travis gives his approval of the trail we will soon start. He's fresh, as he shuttled up with his dad. Nancy and I had just climbed from the valley below. What Travis doesn't know at this point, is that there will be a LOT more climbing yet to do. YES DUDE!

National Trail is a chunky monkey. Leg withering steep ledgy climbing, some nearly 3 ft high. I was loving my new 36 tooth cassette gear for this one.

Trail is above road in the background.

Finally the trail tipped downward. Travis was leaping into unknown chasms as if he had limitless suspension. I followed, because that's what I do.
Another great sunset. It's good to be riding bikes this time of year. LUCKY!

I love bridges, old ones anyway. It's one of the few man made structures that I like to photograph.

I would love to lay claim to this photo, but Mary shot this one. It's my favorite of the whole trip. This was the north side of the road--a wilderness. The south side was open to motorized travel, and well, it didn't look quite so good. Still, at one point in my life I dreamed of riding my moto at this place. Ironic now that I have had such a shift in my world view.
Ocotillo at another amazing winter sunset.

I would call Joshua Tree Nat Park, "Really cool boulders Nat Park." Because there were not that many Joshua Trees that we saw in the park. However the Mojave Wildlife Preserve had whole forests of them, so did the out skirts of Vegas.

This was a classic motel sign on the salt flats along old Route 66.


Who new, that 10 min from Vegas there was this much great riding and scenery?

Wild Burrow along the trail.

The Cowboy Trails. I have heard about these for 6 years. All the Vegas guys that would come through Moab had ridden them.

Dave Gove showed me around. "I wanna be a cowboy baby." GOOSEBERRY MESA--VIRGIN, UTAH

The road was a sloppy mess, but once we hit the rock on Gooseberry it was all good.

This is my second favorite shot of the trip. Our new camera is impressive. Email me if you want a bigger more detailed photo. She's going on a year and two months off the bike, despite the pain in her hands Mary rode her bike. Can you see that smile? This was the highlight of my whole trip. Only about 30 min of riding, but it was the sweetest half hour of the two weeks we were out! Here's to a lot more of these in 2010!MANTI, UTAH

Oh how shocking the cold was. Back to coats and gloves, layers and stocking hats. One last amazing sunset and it was back to Colorado.
The cutest girl I saw on the whole trip was also the smallest. Welcome to the world Auburn Rain Adamson. My niece.

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  1. Great photos as always guys, though I have to agree, that sand dunes shot is probably the best! So glad we could meet up and ride...really fun! I'm stoked to see Mary smilin' on the bike too.

    Happy New Year-Nancy Morlock(no e):)