Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moab ONE!

With Keith keeping track of all his camp outs on his blog It prompted me to keep track of my Moab trips this year. Number one was a great start!

A wee bit of snow, but nothing Greg had a problem riding through on those big rumblin wheels of his.

The trail conditions weren't stellar, but it's January, even in Moab.

The new bike is amazing. Once I get my seat to handlebar position figured out it will be a VERY sweet place to do business.

We were all wishing for a sunny Moab day. Mary, however, pointed out that we were all going to be riding our bikes, not hiking, not injured--healthy. Every day is a gift to savor. As much as I love sunny days, this one will stick out in my mind. There are plenty of chances to catch a sunny bluebird day out here, but most folks never see it like this, the crazy steamy clouds, the way the snow gives the red cliffs definition---massiveness! There is a sense of size you can feel as much as see. It was magnificent day!

Keith didn't get a chance to feel how snappy his new wheels are, due to his little chainring being worn out. He had to do the whole ride in his middle ring. Some one get that guy a 1x9 and a chainguide!

Tradition says I had to hit the Super 8, despite it being completely snow covered. (last year in January it was dry) It was a sketchy landing and I found the bottom of my suspenders.

Push Push Push, actually we did very little of this. Not bad for a 37 degree, cloudy day.

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