Monday, January 25, 2010

First Descent in 2010

I'm gonna lay claim to being the first in 2010 to ride Horse Thief Bench, INCLUDING the entrance. There were no other tracks on it, which means I got to break trail. Where have the Fruita guys been? If a few guys would go ride, it would be as smooth as Lunch Loops. Instead it's a crusty, boot print, hiked on, nightmare. The cliff side trail on the south side is nearly clear, but on the north slopes the snow is DEEP! I rode it couter clockwise which seems best considering the conditions. Too many chucklenuts have ridden Rustlers and Mary's when it's been too warm. DON'T GET CAUGHT OUT WHEN ITS ABOVE FREEZING!


  1. making me look bad and not the good "bad".

  2. OK, so the youtube video made this non-bike-expert a little nervous. All that snow has got to be tricky to maneuver!!! Like your new bike Landon! I really like the picture at the top of your blog.