Thursday, September 30, 2010

The view from an RV's window....

From September 2010
For three straight days I stared out the above window at an unchanging, brilliant blue sky. I watched as the yellow fall leaves became more golden with each passing day. We came to Salida to meet my parents and celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Instead, I got sick and layed on their RV's couch for three miserable days. The time passed in a blurry kind of way, that terrible detatched state of being that humans get when we have the flu. It was strangely nice though, like when I was a little kid. Everything was alright because Mom and Dad were there. Mom putting a cool, wet washrag on my head, making it better, and Dad finally being able to provide us with a proper "camping" vehicle, after decades of working on old camping vans. They are the only people I know who still enjoy my company when I am sick or hurt. You see, it's because they are committed, to their children, to eachother, to sticking it out through the hard times and the good, in sickness and in health. Forty years! Love you Mom and Dad.

From September 2010

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