Friday, November 11, 2011

November's Full Moon...

From November 2011
Greg, Dinka and I went out after work last night to work on some night photography. It's fun to make those cool light photo's where you see the landscape and a streak of light. The light gives the photo motion and occasionally you capture a ghostly figure on a bike. The problem was, as we started the ride, we didn't see any reason to actually turn our lights on. So we didn't! November's full moon was plenty of light and it added to the thrill of riding a trail we know by heart. No I didn't clean the Horse Thief Drop In, but I did make it down as far as most people do in the day time. The problem was that I needed the Moon to be more to the west, as there was too much shadow to pull it off. Maybe next time?

From November 2011
We did turn our lights on for some photo practice, of which we need much more, but other wise we rode the trail the way our ancestor's would have walked it, by moonlight, and nothing else.

From November 2011

From November 2011
It's surreal out there when the lights are off, riding the trail by braille, knowing there is rock hiding in moon shadow waiting to reach out and grab your pedal. One learns quickly to loosen up, and to use sense's you other wise wouldn't use. This might be the next big thing in mountain bike skills training...or...on second thought, probably not.

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  1. Went out to work on night photography? I just went out to ride. Then a photo session or two broke out.

    Good fun, but it was very odd to find that at night the trail somehow moves much closer to the edge of the cliffs.