Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We went camping, despite what the sign said. Our little night excursion took us to a little known arch hidden among the domes of rock near Amasa Back. "Cable Arch" as its known was a little bit elusive.

I hadn't been to Cable Arch in years. Luckily my brother in law, Andy, decided to go with us. He found the arch in the dark, in the snow, without a headlamp.

The sleeping was cold, but bearable. Keith brought his stove for some hot chocolate and then we fell asleep watching the flat screen...playing was the most amazing show ever seen, a show that plays every night, yet one never tire's of this "re-run" STAR SHOW!

We awoke in the morning to the sun painting the world around us pink. We hiked out and found that we were a little confused as to how we had gotten where we were. Thanks again to Andy for knowing his way around the maze of slick rock. Growing up in Moab has many advantages.

Of course a trip to Moab isn't complete without some sweet bike riding. Amasa Back was all ours and in pretty good condition considering the still massive amounts of snow.

After the ride we got the news that Mary's new bike will soon be shipping. That made my girls day, which since it was her birthday was even sweeter. We'll be prayin that her hands are ready for it by the time the snow melts.


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