Monday, February 8, 2010

Two New Travel Destinations......

SKI CISCO!-----Come ski the snow covered adobe wonderland in eastern Utah. Be the first to build your condo complex, and retail outlet at this undiscovered destination. HURRY-- Lots are selling fast!

MOUNTAINBIKE VAIL!!-----Hey all you Grand Valley mountain bikers, are you tired of your trails being covered in snow? Make a pilgrimage to the spring riding destination of Vail. Our trails are dry and buff, not like those annoying desert trails down below. Escape March 6-7to the "Vail Fat Tire Festival" All the fun you can handle, shredding through the aspen groves and carving the loamy mountain dirt. For trail conditions check out

I'm in Denver----On the way over the mountains I noticed something strange. Very little SNOW! It seems that all of it fell on Moab and Grand Junction before it could reach the high country. So I thought of some new promotions....


  1. Thats awesome... Ohio got over 14" in 3 days, ironic how we get all the snow and we have nothing to do with it but places that need snow get none... like the new blog!

    take care,
    (your desert dwelling midwesterner)

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