Monday, May 17, 2010

Losing Weight

As most of you know, Mary has been lately starting to ride again. After so long off the bike it can be quite a struggle. I remember after my year off, due to injury, Mary and I rode our road bikes up towards Canyonlands. I couldn't stay with Mary's easy pace for the life of me that day. As we stopped near the top of the last climb I looked down and noticed her brake caliper was dragging her wheel. She had been riding the whole climb with her brakes on....and still kicking my butt.

Being bored today, I took it upon my self to clean out Mary's CamelBak. I was shocked! She had enough food and supplies for a multi day camping trip! Now don't think I left her with mere rations in her pack, NO! I left enough food and supply for an 8 hr epic ride. Yet she still lost 2.5lbs! With her now being the one fighting her way back to fitness, it only makes sense that she NOT ride with her brakes on.

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