Thursday, April 15, 2010

False Start? NO! IT'S GO TIME!

Last year was a big year for me. It was long training rides, big miles, Centurion this, Centurion that. Amidst all my success was the loss of my partner by my side. Mary couldn't ride. She made about four different attempts all ending in extreme hand pain for days afterwards. Sadly, some healthy folks only ride their bikes four times a year, but for us that is unacceptable. Well, 2010 is here. We had expected to have her on the bike in February, then March, and of course she would be riding in April? APRIL!!!!!! Mid April is still April and we are finally getting out consistently again.

Last night we rode The Bookcliffs with our friend Dez. At the top of Kessel Run two riders cut quickly in front of us. I was going to hold back with Gus and let Mary and Dez rip into hyperspace on the banked turns of Kessel Run. Mary let the other riders (front rangers I'm sure--LOL) get a good head start. They were on nice bikes and even had Gravity Droppers on their bikes so we figured they'd be capable enough. And being Mary's only second ride off-road this year expectations were pretty low.

I'm pretty sure the most humbling thing on earth must be to have my little Mary stalking your wheel all the while singing Disney songs at your back. Lala lala Lalalalala!!!!! Riders over the years have asked me in private if she was mocking them? Spend time riding with Mary and you'll experience "the song." When she is flowing her fastest or just being her happy self she sings. As Mary caught the first rider he quickly pulled over to let her by, but the other stubbornly tried to outrun my girl. At the end of Kessel he says.. "It's only my second ride this year." If he only knew?

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  1. Out of curiosity does Mary have a particular Disney tune she sings or...just whatever? BTW...